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FinePrint may be a Windows printer driver that gives advanced printing capability. you’ll create booklets, save and compile print jobs from multiple sources then much more! Print double sided on any printer, print on your own electronic letterhead, and make new documents by combining your print jobs together. you’ll add gutters for binding all with complete assurance that the printed output will match the preview on screen. Reduce paper, ink and printer costs by a minimum of 30% with this award-winning printer utility. FinePrint saves you money on paper and toner, weight in your briefcase, and time and hassle in managing your print jobs. With FinePrint working for you, annoying printing problems disappear.

FinePrint also features universal print previewer, deleting unwanted pages, converting to grayscale, removing blank pages, removing unwanted text and pictures , printing multiple pages on one sheet, archiving print jobs. There are some ways to scale back paper consumption in a corporation . Two of the foremost common are duplex printing, and multi-up printing. These methods are often effective but aren’t optimal.


FinePrint software Full Features

Duplex printing: Printing on each side of the paper (called duplexing) using special duplexing hardware can reduce the quantity of paper used and it’s fully supported by FinePrint. However, duplexing has some drawbacks:

It requires special hardware that’s not available for all printers.
The user must specifically invite duplexing service via the printer driver which an often cumbersome task.
Duplexing takes longer than printing two single sheets of paper due to the longer paper path and sophisticated mechanics of duplex devices.
Printers jams are more common in duplex printers which can require the utilization of heavier paper stock.

Multi-up printing: Some printers have printer drivers which will print multiple pages on a sheet. Multi-up printing because it is named , is a superb thanks to save paper because it reduces paper and toner use, accelerates the printing and causes less wear and tear on printers. Surprisingly, these drivers are underutilized because:

Each printer brand and model features a different method and interface for the multi-up function.
Multi-up functions are hidden within the printer driver and are inconvenient to access
No preview feature is out there to work out if the fabric are going to be readable in several multi-up formats.
The user must remember to reset the multi-up setting when single page printing is desired. Forgetting to try to to so often results in reprinting, wasting more paper and time.

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FinePrint supports duplex printing on all printers but emphasizes the multi-up printing method because the preferred mode. This makes FinePrint a perfect solution for the subsequent reasons:

Single printer driver provides advanced functions for all printers eliminating the training problem related to multiple user interfaces presented by different manufacturer drivers.
Print preview window appears for every print job. This makes it easy to work out the simplest layout for the actual content being printed.
Bypass button goes straight to printer with one click in cases where no additional formatting is desired.
Server edition eases installation across workstations.

FinePrint features a number of other features that increase efficiency beyond multi up printing:

Jobs are often previewed and printed on electronic versions of company letterhead and forms. This eliminates the necessity to get pre-printed forms and enforces company graphical standards.
Multiple jobs are often batched together as one print job which eliminates the matter of getting jobs interspersed with those of others.
Unwanted pages from email and sites are often deleted before printing

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Title: FinePrint v10.36
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

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