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Aquasoft slideshow premium 11

Aquasoft slideshow premium 11 Experience your photo moments with family and friends. Transform photos, videos, text and music into a desirable movie experience and share your memories in brilliant quality.

Features of AquaSoft SlideShow Premium 11 Full

Your photos for amazement – you’ve got not seen your pictures this beautiful. Always put the proper cut within the scene and confirm you’ve got appropriate aperture for Wow effects. Of course, together with your videos as well:
Hundreds of transitions, finely adjustable (for example duration, direction, animation, etc.)
Use transitions as fade-ins and fade-outs
Images in perfect quality – no pixel gets wasted.
Display images full size or as collage
Select the image section employing a camera pan and zoom.

Show where you were. Not only will you remember your holiday destination better, but your viewers also can make a true regard to your travel itinerary by showing them the way on the map.
Map Wizard for retrieving maps altogether zoom levels from the web
Various map styles like road map or satellite image
Describe any path with a “Running line”
Can be combined with vehicle graphics (custom graphics are often used)
Animation is made live, instantly playable, and may be customized at any time
Use your own maps
Photos, texts and videos are often displayed on maps

Do images always need to be rigid? Not only to offer boredom no chance, but in particular to be ready to affect your motifs exactly, you employ a good range of animations. Whether subtle or direct, humorous or playful – a plethora of opportunities
Images, text, videos: you’ll move and rotate everything along paths. this is often how you create your own animations.
You can animate camera pans. Thus, e.g. a “Ken Burns” effect or zooming to specific image details are possible.
A powerful particle system allows you to possess a good range of animations: from the smoke of a locomotive to subtle moving background, rain or gently trickling snow.
Use a curve to work out the transparency for every element of your project.

Collages bring even more life into your presentation. you mix several images, place them on backgrounds or decorate them. Now, if you animate collages as an entire also as their individual components, you’ll have your own animation studio.
Create collages with any number of tracks within the Timeline
Picture in Picture effects
Timeline are often structured with chapters and collages, in order that complex animations remain clear
A number of immediately usable design elements are available, such as, e.g., forms or maybe speech bubbles.

Aquasoft slideshow premium 11

There has got to be tidiness, and enormous projects can’t be realized without it. Organize your show in chapters and manage multi-hour slideshows with thousands of images .
Project are often divided into chapters and sub-chapters in order that you’ll comfortably denote your vacation with “Getting there”, “Day 1”, “Day 2”, etc. Finished chapters can simply be collapsed.
Storyboard view for straightforward viewing and sorting of images
No limitation for the utmost number of images or duration of the project
Archiving of the whole project, including all materials used (images, videos, music, fonts, etc.), in order that you’ll have a project which will be completely edited after years.

Would you wish to offer your images and videos a touch boost, sometimes? an enormous flexible effect palette is prepared for you to understand your ideas.
Live effects that affect even animated content and videos, e.g. masks, blur, soft shadows, color corrections, sepia, displacement mapping, halftone effects, mosaic, etc.
Object effects that automatically animate or arrange your images, e.g. a transition employing a soft “Ken Burns” effect, or a scroll during a filmstrip
Other effects like “old film”, camera shake, etc.
Image effects like frames and shapes

Almost every image and particularly video material needs some adaptation. With video editing functions and image corrections, you bring your material into the proper shape.
Non-destructive image processing allows image corrections without changing your original images.
Various processing possibilities, from cropping over color correction to rotation
Effect system to make complex effects by yourself How a few picture that lightly reflects downwards?
Videocut: split, crop, truncate your videos
Video speed are often changed (for example, for movie or time lapse)

With the matching background music, you’ll greatly increase the effect of your presentation. Whether your audience gets goose bumps, laughs, is amused or thoughtful – it lies in your hands with the dubbing.
Convenient track for background music with playlist
Automatic dissolve of the background music with video or other sounds
Volume are often changed with “rubber band”
Add sounds to the timeline, e.g. for noise or speech dubbing
Sound assistant for convenient recording of your narrative

A word says quite thousand pictures? you recognize the old saying needless to say . Titles and credits also as picture captions and texts provide for a far better understanding, wit and just look good.
Adding captions/titles to pictures
Free text formatting, like color, size, font, orientation
Various formatting possible within a text (Rich Text)
Text animations for fading in and out, even single letters
Text effects like shadow and description
Using placeholders for inserting image information, such as e.g. the recording date
Automatically adjusts font size to accommodate available space
Credits as within the movies

ALL DOORS ARE hospitable YOU
Reach everyone! regardless of which device or medium, the versatile output options offer the acceptable for each purpose and also for further processing.
Burn to Blu-ray and DVD
Upload on to YouTube and Vimeo
Export as video enter all popular formats: MP4, WMV, MPG, etc.
Export as animated GIF or as a sequence of images
Export including player software for (also interactive) presentation on PC
Multiple projects with menu for PC and DVD player

You want to make a slideshow suited to a subject in only a couple of minutes? Use intelligent templates that automatically arrange and animate everything.
Automatically created animations from your images, videos and texts
Combine templates together with your own ideas
Many topics available: birthday, wedding, holiday, school, Christmas, silent film, etc.
Neutral animations are available too
Templates are used at runtime, therefore the content – i.e. your pictures, videos and texts – are often adapted and is interchangeable and extendable at any time.

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Title: AquaSoft SlideShow Premium v11.8.03
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows

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